Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Jackson Rathbone And The Crazy Ketchup Tattoo

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People generally rush for tattoos in a hurry and as a result the outcome is weird. The same happens with Jackson Rathbone, actor who played role of a vampire in Twilight. He recently unveiled his tattoo in Wendy Williams US show and the tattoo was literally weird. I don't think anybody will be happy with a tattoo like that. He has a large ketchup-bottle piece inked on him.

Show host was really got astonished after looking at his tattoo and asked him about the reason of acquiring this tattoo. According to him, he was very fond of ketchup and it is the reason behind getting a ketchup bottle. He told that even his family members teased him casually because of this tattoo. He used to suggest him a hamburger tattoo adjacent to the ketchup-bottle tattoo. Jackson was with Wendy on her show and reviled some other secrets on her show including to the acting in commercial at a very young age. Jackson is recently blessed with a boy child in July.

So one more celebrity is added to the stupid tattoo club, it is pretty sure that he will regret it later and I hope that none of his fan would go for this crazy tattoo. These kind of tattoos always make people look foolish in front of others regardless of the fact that they are celebrity or common people.

Tattooing is going trendy however getting these kind of tattoos is ridiculous. Whats your opinion on Jackson's tattoo ?

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