Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kat Von D: The Great Tattooing Diva

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As the tattooing trend is on boom, people are pretty concerned about selecting a perfect tattoo artist for their tattoo. Kat Von D is one of the ace tattooist providing best pieces to her clients, recently she did a tattoo on Demi Lovato. She is not only popular in star celebrities but also in common people . This might be because of the fact that she is a great television personality as well. The popularity of Kat Von D is significantly increased by TLC reality television show LA ink.

Initially she started working in a tattoo studio in Miami, she had to left the parlor because of her break up with a senior tattoo artist working there with the studio. After leaving that studio she started her own studio, named high voltage tattoo, which is in Hollywood, California. She also holds Guinness world record for tattooing highest number of persons in 24 hours, she tattooed 400 people in this little time.

We can also look her as a successful writer and entrepreneur as her autobiography is a bestseller and she is successfully running a make-up and clothing line. At just an age of 30 she has achieved a lot of things as well as she had been through hard times to survive and grow. She is really a living passionate diva who dedicated herself only for tattooing.

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