Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kate Moss Tramp Stamp: Worth a Million Dollar

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The tattoos acquired by people are generally considered beyond price as they are incredibly precious for them. The price of these tattoos are incalculable as they means a lot to the person who acquired it.
However Kate Moss estimated the cost her tattoo like a million dollar as according to her it is inked by the famous British painter Lucian Freud and probably it is the only tattoo done by Lucian Freud which is still on someone.
The 38 year old model revealed the secret and stated that she came in contact with Lucian in 2002, Lucian started painting a nude portrait of Kate and it took nearly nine months to complete, which was then sold for more than 3.5 million pound in 2005. According to Kate, she came to know from Lucian that he used to ink tattoo on his mates on ship when he was in merchant navy at the age on 19.
Kate got excited after hearing about tattoos stories , so Lucian offered her a tattoo and he inked two little birds on the base of her spine, the place which is generally referred to as tramp stamp.

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