Friday, November 23, 2012

My Tattoo Resolution for 2013

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We will left 2012 very soon and enter in 2013, I hope all are modifying and updating their “to do list”. The one thing which will be in my top priority in the first quarter of 2013 is “a tattoo”. Although I am an art lover and this is also one of the reason which inspires me to get a tattoo many times, however I needed a strong reason for getting a tattoo so that my tattoo will remain purposeful and lovable for me throughout my life.

In the end of 2012 I have realized that there are some significant events which happened during 2012 and those should be preserved through my lifetime. However I got stuck in choosing the correct reason as several significant incidents took place during 2012 which have a deep impact on my life.

One of my opinion was that I would go for a tribute tattoo, as on 29th of June my friend passed away. So I was planning to acquire a tattoo for him half heartedly. I was hesitant about that tattoo because I was not sure whether it will make me remind of the good days we spent together or of him.

However along with the birth of my angel last month, all the doubts have been vanished and I came to know what I want as a tattoo and I have decided to get her tiny footprints on my back. I had a few words with some of the local artists and final the one who would be ideal for me. He convinced me that he will be flexible in giving me appointments and we have discussed the design very well.

I am happily going to him for tattoo.

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