Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Soldier Salutes Himself by Tattoos

Soldiers have their feelings for tattoos and many of them get tattoos to show their emotions or pain or memories of the war which they have fought for their motherland or country. Each tattoo of soldiers is a symbol of strength and pain which they have faced at the war front. Mostly soldiers who belong to the military have tattoos on their arms, sleeves, shoulders and on the back part of neck, and these are symbol of their courage and pride as these are of typical designs that relate to their profession or the country for which they serve or fight. However, generally it is misunderstood that soldiers are forced to get tattoos by their military group. But it is never like that. They get tattoos because they want.

Source- freetattoopicture.com                                    Source- bodyartmaster.com
Recently I read a blog in which this lady has shared her experiences of the life of soldiers and how they get tattoos about their life-cycles of wars which they fought in a decade. She has described about one of her tattoo of a king with a crown next to it, which was related to a frightened night in Iraq. Along with this there were so many things happened in her life which she didn't want to remember but wanted to get on body. She also told about the nine tattoos which she got on her way, when she was deployed to Iraq twice. Tattoos for the soldiers are symbols of their purpose and aim for their country.

Respect their feelings and salute their sacrifices.

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