Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tattoos: Inception and Evolution

Whether one is a teenager or a grown up, he/she is pretty familiar with the tattoos. The tattoo trend is at boom these days and many people are acquiring tattoos daily either associated to their personal ideas or by imitating others. Here are some facts which you will love to read about tattoos:


Emergence of “Tattoo”: Tattoo is believed to be originated at very ancient times. The term tattoo is originated from Tahitian language, in Tahitian the original word was “tatau”, the connotation of tatau is to draw or to mark something which clearly reflects its definition as tattoo just means to ink something on skin.
Existence of tattoo is primitive and there are many evidences which depict that the tattooing trend was started in the Polynesian region about thousands of years ago. The region is basically surrounded by ocean and along with time many sailors and traders passed through this region. They stayed there, enjoyed and got themselves tattooed as a part of the regional tradition and blessing.

Early beliefs: As a result of voyages people in other part of world came to know about tattoos. In the starting many people adopted tattoos as they believed in the theology created by Polynesian people regarding tattoos. People accepted it as a talisman, which protect them from evil spirits and bring good fortune to them. Along with it people began to use it for different purposes, many tribes started using it for giving official ranks to the people in their tribe. The leader had a unique tattoo and he could be easily identified by that. In tribes the tattoo were inked in a ceremony.

The first tattoo machine: In ancient time people used many traditional methods to ink themselves which were extremely painful as compared to now days; they used metal needles, sharpened wood sticks which were very thick as compared to the needles used now days. The initial invention was done by Thomas Elva Edison in 1876 which was an electric pen, later on Samuel O'Reilly did some modifications in that machine, so that it can be used for tattooing purpose. The principle of modern tattooing machine is still same as the electric pen invented by Edison.

The tattoo boom: After the advent of tattoos it has started spreading like a viral and people are going mad to acquire a tattoo. We can clearly consider it as a truth as now days approximately one-third Americans have tattoos on their bodies. Regardless of the main purpose, everyone is picking a tattoo for himself. Everyone has its own perceptions and opinions about tattoo.

Planning for a tattoo...??? Just go for it.

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