Monday, December 10, 2012

Hannah Aitchison: the multi dimensional tattoo artist

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In earlier posts I wrote about the sizzling tattoo artist Kat Von D and the father of creeps Mr. Paul Booth. The reason behind writing about artists is that they are the one who give us a tattoo for lifetime. It depends o their skill what we will get in the end. In the same series I am writing about the versatile tattoo artist Hannah Aitchison.

The 46 yrs old artist runs her own tattoo studio, named Deluxe Tattoo, in Chicago. Hannah is adept in making pin-up tattoos, portrait tattoos with a variety in splashes of colors, she has established her niche for them in the tattoo world and that's the reason why people have to wait for even two years to get tattooed by her. Her appearance in the early seasons of LA ink boost up her popularity to a great extent.

With a great aptness in tattooing, she has many other talents. She is a well trained singer and loves to sing while tattooing people. She is also good at knitting. The list doesn't end here, she worked as a news reporter in past and she actively contributed the quotes written by her in a book named “girls against girls” written by Bonnie Burton. Last but not the least she is a well known TV celebrity.

According to Hannah, her work acts like a great source of inspiration for her and she feels blessed as she is doing a job which she loves. Apart from it she find nature as the source of her colorful creativeness.

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