Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Make Your 12-12-12 Memorable With a Tattoo

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So today is 12-12-12 and the clock will also us 12:12:12, regardless of the rumors and The Mayan Prophecy which stated that this is end of the world, people are planning to make this unique event memorable. As the next event like this will occur on 01-01-2101, probably none of us will see this kind of event again in our same birth, the craze of people towards is obvious and inevitable.

Everybody is doing something unique today. The best and biggest event today is The Sandy Relief Concert at Madison Square Garden. Individuals are planning parties with their kith and kins, restaurants and hotels are organizing parties, events and lunch on the 12-12-12 theme for people. A passive reason behind this is also the fear of doomsday in the hearts of people and they want to be with their loved ones before the end of the world.

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Getting a tattoo to make this event memorable for the lifetime is also a good idea. One of my friend was planning a tattoo for him on this day and is going for a watch tattoo on his wrist which is showing the time as 12:12:12: and date as 12-12-12. No doubts we have found numerous of ways to celebrate 12-12-12. I am also updating my blog at 12:12:12 A.M.

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