Monday, December 3, 2012

Paul Booth : The Father of creepy Tattoos

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Paul Booth, the famous American tattoo artist, is well known for his creepy art work. Paul booth owns a tattoo studio named Last Rites tattoo theater, which is at Manhattan, in New York. Even the studio will seems pretty creepy to most of the people. The studio was enlightened with a very little amount of fluorescent light and the walls are engraved with art works and sculptures of devils, bleeding faces and horrible skulls which just create a ghostly environment.

 Paul Booth is the first choice of many celebrities and rock bands as the skulls and creepy tattoos created by him are best of the breed as they are Booth's specialty. in the past years booth has tattooed many star celebrities and bands like Fred Durst, Lamb of God, Slayer, The Undertaker(The World Famous Wrestler). However the cost of acquiring them is too high. Charges at last rites tattoos are like $400 per hour. Regardless of the price people apart from celebrities also prefer him for skulls and monster as he is ace for them in the industry.

He dedicated himself in the tattooing industry and carved a niche in it. There was a significant role of Paul Booth in the art fusion experiment, which is really helping tattoo learners a lot to get a good understanding about the art of tattooing.

Following are some great pieces done by him:

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