Thursday, December 6, 2012

Rihanna's "Breezy" Tattoo: A hope of patch-up between Rihanna and Chris

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All of us are aware about the well known split took place between Chris Brown and Rihanna in 2009. That event proliferated like fire in media as Chris got physically violent with Rihanna that time and injured her badly on her face. However the relationship between them seems to be improving apparently as they have seen together in a photograph posted by Chris brown on his twitter account earlier this year. He also removed all the messy tweets from his account which he wrote earlier.

Rihanna also step forward to part the distance in them as she just got an ink that reads “Breezy”. Breezy is the word coined by Chris Brown regarding to his fans and he refers them as Team Breezy. So the purpose of tattoo is definitely to show the affection and commitment of Rihanna towards Chris. It is a probability that we will see them together on this Christmas as there is a rumor about their plan of spending Christmas together.

Apart from getting the tattoo, Rihanna is also planning for T in the park 2013 festival as she has chosen as headliner along with Mumford-and-sons for the event which will start on 12th July and end on 14th. This is the first event for Rihanna in Scotland and she is working hard for it. So the life is taking a positive turn for Rihanna and we hope that all will be well along with time.

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