Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Soccer : A Sport that loves Tattoo

                                         Image Source: Soccer Training Info

The passion for getting a tattoo among footballers are well known to all of us. Imitating their favorite footballer, fans are getting latest soccer tattoos which relates to their favorite team or footballer. A tattoo to depicts one's passion is also amongst the main reason for getting a tattoo and we know it very well. This reason works as a catalyst for the soccer fans to a great extent.

According to statistical data, number of American football fans who are getting tattoos is increasing rapidly and they are getting mad about tattoos. A few months earlier a Fan of Manchester united, who was from Fleetwood (England) get a tattoo which seems extremely offensive to Liverpool fans as the tattoo was associated with the death of 96 Liverpool fans on April 15th, 1989. He not only get such kind of tattoo but also posted some of his images on twitter account which in turns leads him and his family in great trouble and danger by the Liverpool fans.

A tattoo to appreciate and motivate one's favorite team and showing support towards that team is completely okay, however to hurt the emotions and sentiments of a particular group or public is not only against the moral values as well as it is a crime to spread hatred and provoking people.

So following one's passion is a perfect thing, however one should make his choices after thinking about the consequences of those choices, specifically in the case of getting a tattoo because once it is inked, it will be there for the whole life.

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