Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tattoo artists planning surprise for children on Christmas:

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The festive season is going on and people are planning their vacations and purchases for Christmas. Everybody is full with a new zeal and zest for celebrating the festival. This is the only occasion in the year on which people have time get indulged in social events as they get a little time out of their busy schedule. People also think about doing something socially for other segment in the society who is less fortunate as compared to them. There are many people and kids out there who are poor and don't have enough resources to buy something new for them on Christmas.

Tattoo artists from many tattoo studios put a step forward and they are collecting toys for the children which will be a beautiful surprise for them on Christmas. Some of them are accepting toys instead of cash for tattoos while others are availing a significant discount on the price of tattooing if the customers are bringing toys along with them. The methods choose by them may be different, however the aim is same, “To make a kid happy on this Christmas”, which in turn will be the best gift for themselves.

Some of the tattoo equipments and supplies stores also appreciated this act of the artists and providing them tattoo equipments and supplies on discounted rates which is a good spirit for others.

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