Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tattoo love of WWE Wrestlers

The tattoo love is at top in USA, people from every field are crazy about them, regardless of their job or industry. WWE Wrestlers are also very passionate about tattoos and many of them have more than one tattoo. All have their own ideas and reasons to get tattoo, whether there are some personal reason or just a love towards art.

The first name which come in the list of tattooed wrestlers is "The Undertaker". He has many tattoos. His first tattoo was the word “SARA” written on his neck(Sara was Undertaker's wife). That tattoo is not present on his neck know as the consequences of their divorce in 2007. Apart from this tattoo, Undertaker has a skull tattoo on back of his neck as well as he has full sleeves done on him.

                                     Image Source: www.fanpop.com

Secondly the name which comes is C M Punk, probably he is the most tattooed wrestler in present time. There are approximately 12 tattoos on him including large piece on his chest, sleeve on his left arm and even his knuckles are tattooed with word “DRUG FREE”.

                                            Image Source: Slodive

The famous actor turned wrestler Rock have a great Samoan tattoo on his shoulder which is a tribal tattoo, it depicts immense level of tolerance as the tattooing procedure for this kind of tattoo is pretty painful. He also have a bull tattoo on his right arm.

The list doesn't ends here many other wrestlers like Batista, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Brock Lesner, Lita, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Edge etc. have their own derived tattoos.

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